Meet the Team: Hey Neo!

Meet the fierce and fabulous, production super-ninja, our official office trend-setter: Neo Legodi. A revolutionary & feminist, mom of 2 hailing from Soweto, Neo gives us a glimpse into what life at Limelight means to her…

So, what do you do at Limelight SA & how long have you been here? 

Production Coordinator, TV & Radio Production, and every now and then I assist with Traffic. I’ve been with Limelight since March 2011 – six years. I’m a lifer!

Name a few of the accounts have you worked on?

I work across all our clients. Mainly Amka, be it fragrance, beauty, homecare or hair.

What would your 6-year-old self say about your job?

“Woah! Your job is challenging.” It can be stressful at times, but I love the fact that I learn new things daily and I’m constantly put in a position where I am challenging myself to give my #PerfectEffort. So I can safely say I’m doing what I like, and 6-year-old Neo would be proud.



What are some of your favourite accounts that you’ve worked on?

Clere Radiance, Clere Core and Sofn’free. I love me some beauty and haircare where we can re-define ideas of what is beautiful, push the boundaries, and create inspirational work.

What’s your work superpower?

Emotional Intelligence – couldn’t survive without it! Dealing with different characters on a daily basis, I’m all about the people, and EQ enables me to deal with daily challenges and encounters.

Who or what inspires you? 

My father and Steve Biko. My father has always believed in me and stood by me against all odds. He’s taught me to believe all things are possible and the sky is the limit. Steve has revived my self-consciousness, self-love and pride in my being.