In 2013, Colgate East West Africa approached us to turn their regional conferences into unforgettable brand experiences. These 3-day events, which bring together Colgate representatives from a wide range of African countries, serve as a launch pad for new products and exciting developments.


Many people, understandably so, dread attending conferences. They associate it with death-by-PowerPoint and utter boredom. We relished the opportunity to put a 180-degree spin on these preconceptions.


Turn every presentation into an unexpected mini-event that brings a new product or idea to life – an event that is sure to leave a powerful association in the minds of delegates. This is what we mean: a contortionist pops out of a life-size box and re-packages herself in another over-sized carton to bring a packaging evolution to life. One more example: evoking a scene from the Angelina Jolie action thriller Salt, a troupe of special agents (who happen to be excellent dancers) cracks open a safe to reveal a new product with a secret ingredient for a radiant smile.


Delegates absolutely love the exciting format we’ve introduced and enthusiastically participate in all the additional interactive activities, like game shows and fragrance workshops. They leave having been exposed to a brand experience that has stirred and stimulated all their senses, giving them enough inspiration and energy to feed off of until our next rendezvous.