In the wake of the 2018 South African water crisis, we were tasked as the lead agency to take Super Septic, an organic pit latrine and septic tank treatment, and repurpose it to help alleviate the demand on water usage for sanitation purposes. Working with an incredible team – Amka Products (our client), Sainsbury Design (packaging design), Republic PR (PR), Soul Providers (digital) and TCC (activations) – this targeted campaign started with a packaging upgrade and the introduction of new complementary products. It was supported by an integrated education campaign with TV, radio, outdoor, in-store, digital and PR elements.


Given the severity of the water shortage in the Western and Eastern Cape at that stage, time and focus was of the essence. While Cape Town residents were already finding ways to conserve water for their ablution needs – e.g. using sea water, minimising daily flushing, and building their own pit latrines – they didn’t realise that many of these ‘solutions’ cause new problems. We needed to educate the public about these issues and introduce Organico as the natural, effective, organic solution.


We created the ‘Skip the Flush’ campaign to support the new launch, encouraging South Africans to help conserve water without the unfortunate consequences of not flushing after every trip to the bathroom.


Organico earned itself the title of the fastest product launch at Amka – only four months from conception to roll-out. Retailers and media owners embraced the launch and initiative, earning Organico amazing PR too. Through an incredible PR and social media drive, the brand team was invited to meet, educate and workshop with publications and radio stations to help them educate their editorial teams and audiences. It’s good to know that South Africans are always ready to unite behind a good cause when need be!