Relaunch an already popular brand to ensure it stays relevant and current to its audience, while reflecting present-day tastes, fashions and trends.


How do you refresh a brand that’s been growing at a rate of 30%+ year-on-year for over six years, without derailing it? We also had to keep in mind that shoppers tend to have multiple fragrances from their favourite ‘base’ brand, and a couple of others from so-called ‘fringe’ brands. Playboy had to maintain and strengthen its position as a base brand.


We had to get our users to satisfy their need for a selection of fragrances from the Playboy range alone. We achieved this by not only tapping into his insight, i.e. the need to feel attractive, but also tapping into what the brand could do for the love of his life – turn him into the man of her dreams…


Playboy is again growing above market average and is currently valiantly fighting for the no. 4 position – just like the man of your dreams should.