With a brand-new acquisition in the bag, our client appointed us in 2010 as lead agency to redefine Playboy and Playgirl’s playground. Our task would include a wide range of activities, from putting together communication strategies to pulling off tactical campaigns.


Although the brands enjoyed share of mind, the awareness did not translate into sales. This called for some clever thinking to level the playing field against a band of impressive competitors. And despite the brands’ somewhat sensual monikers, our client challenged us to position the deo’s in a fun yet tasteful space.


Give consumers what they want – a simple solution that packs a punch when the ‘want’ is isolated correctly. We introduced trial opportunities as a value add which meant that we didn’t have to offer free giveaways. Numerous short-term campaigns that always proudly sported the big ideas for Playboy and Playgirl respectively, proved equally successful.


Playgirl is now the no. 1 brand in its segment; Playboy is number 4. Playboy and Playgirl were again voted Coolest Brands in its categories in the 2017 Sunday Times Generation Next Survey. At the 2018 Product of the Year awards, Playboy and Playgirl won product of the year in their respective categories. Playgirl's roll-on range, launched end-2016, is already the no. 1 fragranced roll-on brand in its segment. It’s been an exciting and successful journey, driven by close collaboration and collective genius.