The Satiskin brand team briefed us to devise a new equity campaign aimed at differentiating them from their competitors while improving salience within the bigger Bath Additive Category. To set the ball rolling, we had to tap into existing consumer and shopper research to find actionable insights that we could use in drafting a communication strategy.


It’s both challenging and risky to move a brand from one headspace into another – in this case from a functional space, which had served the brand well, into a more emotional space. Another aspect of the challenge lay in breaking down information into correctly targeted touchpoint messages to drive both consumption (i.e. talking to consumers) and purchase (i.e. talking to shoppers).


Our insights led us to develop the campaign line ‘Take your moment’ – a well-received invitation to take the time to acknowledge and appreciate life’s beautiful moments. At the same time, it encourages women to take a moment for themselves, because they deserve blissful, relaxing me-time.


Since launching the campaign, Satiskin’s overall equity scores have improved and the brand has entrenched its position as the market leader in the overall Bath Additive Category. And please take a moment to appreciate this excellent outcome: Satiskin is driving the growth of the Foam Bath Category and it is the fastest growing brand in Beauty Shower Gels and Liquid Hand Wash. Last but not least, the campaign picked up two POPAI awards for in-store execution.