The client required a television commercial and in-store campaign that would refresh the brand and communicate a clear problem/solution message that encouraged the full use of the range, culminating in a strong call to action. Ultimately, the campaign had to stimulate consumer engagement and sales, secure shelf space and create standout, enabling Vigro to move into a position of positive growth.


A tight budget meant we had to devise an economical TVC execution, without skimping on communicating the key messages. Conceptually speaking, the TVC had to be strong enough to be carried through into impactful in-store elements that would ensure instant recall of the television message. From a messaging point of view, we had to clarify product claims and narrow down our target audience to ensure greater relevance.


Together with our client, we first revised the product claims, which allowed us to identify a segment of the broader target audience who would stand to benefit most from the use of Vigro. Only at this point did we start developing a communication bundle that allowed us to talk to our audience in a relevant, relatable manner.


Since the launch of the campaign, Vigro has shown that hair isn’t the only thing it’s great at restoring – to date, it has also regenerated brand growth of 28.9%!