Meet the Team: The Newbie

The latest and greatest addition to the Limelight Design team is none other than Graham Kazangarare. Hailing from Harare, and having relocated to Jozi just to join the Limelight crew, Graham gives us a peek into what his new life at Limelight is really like…


Tell us a little bit about the man, the enigma, Mr. Kazangarare…

I’m actually an IT major, I can eat 8 slices of bread in one sitting (that’s how you bribe me), and I’m afraid of live chickens (don’t judge me!).


So, what made you want to join the Limelight team?

I was looking for a new and fun challenge: Limelight’s clients are exciting, and the team seemed like a great bunch of people.


What would your 6-year-old self say about your job?

Wooooooooooooow so cooooooool!

What projects/accounts/clients are you most excited to work on?

Shower to Shower, Playboy, Sofn’free.


What’s your work superpower?

Emotional Intelligence.


Who or what inspires you?

Vusi Thembekwayo: a self-made millionaire and born leader.



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